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Interpreting the style of a Sri Lankan fishing village - "Wadiya", Maalu Maalu Resorts & Spas have been inspired by authentic Sri Lankan traditions and eco-friendly architecture. Designed in a beautiful tropical setting with long white sandy beaches and the sea as the back drop, the resort offers elegance and luxury. With simple designs highlighting our traditions the Maalu Maalu Resort provides stylish chalet type accommodation and delectable dishes that will keep you satisfied. From long lazy swims to walks along the beach, Maalu Maalu Resorts & Spas in Pasikuda is an ideal getaway from your busy lifestyles of the modern world.

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Rejuvenate yourself at “Ayur Vie”, the  authentic  Ayurvedic spa which offers a range of holistic Ayurvedic treatments. “Ayurveda” known as “The knowledge of life”, is an ancient healing technique and way of life that provides a deep sense of wellness for mind, body and spirit.At “Ayur Vie” you can experience the healing power of traditional Ayurvedic treatments. Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa with its qualified in house Ayurvedic doctor will help you discover the traditional treatments that suit your needs.A perfect complement to our Spa are the FREE yoga and meditation sessions we offer, helping you find that serene inner balance.
Plunge into adventure with an array of exciting water sports and activities at our Pasikuda beach hotel. Head down to the East Coast to discover the best beach on the island and let the warm currents take you down to the ancient shipwrecks waiting to be explored. Sheltered by the Pasikuda bay, the East Coast of Sri Lanka is home to an abundance of rich marine life and untouched coral reefs. Snorkelling or scuba diving excursions let you discover these vibrant coral reefs in the eastern waters.
There is no other way to it. The best way to explore the untouched beauty of pure paradise Pasikuda is by bicycle. Cycle away to your heart’s content blessed by the first rays of the sun and spend some time with the locals, stepping into the vibrant culture that is quite unique to this part of the world. Perfect for the wanderer at heart, discover the many nooks and corners of this idyllic coastal village yet to be discovered by the inquisitive in you.Bicycles can be obtained on request. The best time for this excursion is in the morning when the nearby fishing village is just stirring awake while the fishermen return with their catch of the day.